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The company focus for In Style Apparel has been to provide variety and quality garments since 2003.
BLACK KANVAS is the expansion for company ideals into the creation of a new product line.
The focus of the line as it develops will include emphasis on style, durability and functionality.

As BLACK KANVAS The Premium Collection expands look to see the expansion maintain focus on:
Following trends in casual wear fashion
Use of embellishments and thread stitching, finishing the garment to a higher standard
Functionality and durability of products
The focus for BLACK KANVAS will be a continued transformation to the market

Our Mission:
Our mission is to be a market leader in the Australian Apparel Industry for Uniforms. Our reputation held in high esteem for the quality of our products in conjunction with the service we provide to our customers. We are a company that continues to strive for success and to understand the value of our brands, our services and our relationships with our clients.

Our Mission Drives Our Key Focus:
To provide customer service to the highest of standard
Offer a vast selection of product options, colours and fabrics
Provide expert guidance to clients sourcing their garment needs
Specialise in Fabrics with the use of Cool Dry Yarn Fabric
Our principles stand for Quality, Sustainability, Environmental Awareness and Ethical Sourcing

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