About Build Your Own Brand

Ever wanted to have your own clothing brand?

With over 18 years experience with importing millions of garments from overseas, In Style Apparel has the knowledge and experience to assist in making your dream a reality.
We work closely with several factories overseas, as well as local Australian owned businesses where we can source for you an almost endless amount of accessories, garments and designs. This includes: Garment labels, rubber badges, swing tags, business cards, polos, t-shirts, singlets, hoodies, shorts, gym wear, active wear, and so much more!

How to Order?

Simply, put together a concept that you are looking for, and then contact us to schedule a meeting. In this meeting, we can disucss the vision of what you would like your brand to be, what you would like to source, price point and anything else that may be necessary. This meeting can take place in our showroom, over the phone or via video call. Once we have had a meeting to discuss your vision for your brand, we can discuss which product package would be most suitable for you. 
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